Cost Effective  Access Control System

CP-01 Plus is a USB QR code reader including excel program for time recording.

CP-01PLUS is easy-to-use cost effective access control system:
・CP-01PLUS uses easy-to-use access control software working in Excel-installed WINDOWS PC environment.
・The only harware device required along with customers' PC is our QR code reader, CP-01.
・As soon as our QR code reader, CP-01 reads a QR code, the decorded data and time are written on an EXCEL spread sheet.

Featuture of our system:    
・Our QR code reader, CP-01 can read a QR code on not only paper but display.
・The access control  Excel software is copy-free and licence-free.
・1 year warranty (under normal operation).

・Our system is useful in various fields, such as security administration, automatic receptionist and goods management.
・Our system works using Excel VBA and no special program is required.
・QR code generaion software includes in the package.

Our system has been adopted for:
・access control for part time workers, construction workers, and students.
・access control for delivery trucks on a stock yard.
・access control for pre-registered comers in business events and adacademic meetings.


Our system work well with web camera operation and wireless comunication for the followings:
・enhancing access security
・help remembering visitor faces
・remote monitoring of access records
・collecting access records from remote places

 Our default software uses a QR code containing 3 items, such as ID#, name and affiliation. We can make it for 1 to 5 items on request.
  For optional use, program customization, such as function embedding on spread sheet and VBA change, is easy.
  Mass generaion of QR codes can be made on web sites.